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API to PUT Scope

The API documentation is not very clear on this.

When using the API to PUT (using XML) the scope of a Mobile Device Application, do you need to put the entire scope or only the addition?

for example:

The scope of an mobile device application has 3 groups already scoped. I would like to add a 4th group via API. Do I need to add all 4 or just the one I want to actually add? Before I begin experimenting, I would rather not have scoped groups removed.

Also, can I just add them by name, or must I have the group ID as well?

I am only attempting to scope Smart Groups to Mobile Device Applications. Intent is to allow teachers to assign their class a push app from our catalog. I have all the app in our catalog in a FileMaker Pro database (using GET API). Teachers can search the app catalog by Category, Keyword, or apps that are PAID or PUSHED. I want them to be able to add their SmartGroup (FileMaker know their SmartGroup by their login to the FileMaker database) to any PUSH app (they are all FREE and we have the licenses). This will allow the teacher to find the app, and click a button, which will update JAMF and viola, the app appears on the classroom set of iPads with no interaction with the JAMF administrator (me). :-)

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SOLVED Posted: by chriscollins

@bvondeylen i believe you’d have to put all the groups intended in the scope in each submission, otherwise how would you delete groups from the scope of it just assumed everything was an add?

SOLVED Posted: by Canniff

I concur with chriscollins. You would need to resubmit all groups currently in scope with the new ones. If you were dealing with single ipads there are xml tags to update single ipads in a group's scope without needing to rePUT what's already there. <mobile_device_additions> and <mobile_device_deletions>

SOLVED Posted: by bvondeylen

I am using FileMaker do accomplish this. I have it working by re-scoping all devices or all groups.

But I am interested in how the <mobile_device_additions> and <mobile_device_deletions> work. Where is the documentation on these commands?

I am hoping teachers will be able to assign an app to themselves (device) or their class (group) from the Filemaker database. I can now have them assign an app that way, but when they are done, I would like them to be able to remove themselves as well. So the <mobile_device_deletions> intrigues me if it would remove their device (or group) from the specific scope.