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Sibelius Missing Fonts

Dear JAMF Nation,
I have captured a Sibelius 2018 June package using JAMF Composer and grabbed a Normal snapshot. The software ran fine on my reference computer. After the package is created, I saved it as a DMG file and uploaded to JAMF for depolyment.

However, once Sibelius is deployed to the iMacs in the lab, when you launch the software, they all had the missing font error. Then the score became unreadable.

I am just wondering whether anyone here had experienced the same problem and how it was fixed.

My final resort will be installing the actual Sibelius PKG file manually onto each iMac using Apple Remote Desktop. Hopefully I don't need to do that.

We are running Sibelius 2018 on a Network License and all iMacs are running 10.14.2

Best Regards,

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SOLVED Posted: by luispalumbo

Hi @wangl2 ,

I had this same issue sometime last year. I'm not 100% sure what I did, but looking into my Sibelius 8.5 package now, I can see the fonts are all inside the /Library/Fonts folder.
I had created a Composer manifest to use with Sibelius in the past and the Fonts folder wasn't included in the manifest. Looking a bit further, I remembered that I probably installed an updated version of Sibelius on a computer that had it previously when I created the Composer manifest. So I had to use an older manifest to load the fonts from there. Thanks for reminding me of updating my manifest.

I've listed below all the fonts used by Sibelius and their location so you can add them to your manifest too.


I hope this helps you.


SOLVED Posted: by wangl2

Thanks Luis.
I will copy those fonts out then from a working computer and just install them using ARD, instead of installing the whole Sibelius throughout the network.
Best Regards,

SOLVED Posted: by claudiogardini

Just curious. Why do you prefer ARD to install Fonts or push out PKG's? It seems much easier with jamf.