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App assignment from AD

We are assigning apps to our iPads using their user's Active Directory group membership as the source anchor. We have been running into a an issue where the group membership is say 200 persons, and the app license count is say 50 licenses. JAMF Pro seems to assign the licenses to the first 50 users it sees rather than the first 50 people that download it from self service. Is there a better way to scope this other than making an static group of users?

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SOLVED Posted: by cdenesha


This is how Jamf Pro works - it assigns licenses to all devices in scope. You'll need to purchase more licenses or create a static group of users.


SOLVED Posted: by Graeme

This action of JAMF is a pain (I think its a bug) and the work around is time consuming. There is an open feature request at Logon and upvote it.

The third post at that URL details a manual process where the end users can install a profile from self service and JAMF will then install the app when it realizes the profile has been installed. Its a lot of work but we make extensive use of it.