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#JNUC - Does It Take a Ninja Or a Zen Monk to Manage Adobe Products?

Adobe's products can be a challenge to deploy, manage, and integrate into high-stress production environments or the chaos of a classroom lab. Does it take a skilled ninja with a mastery of Adobe's alphabet soup (AAMEE, AUSST, APTEE, RUM, and xDA) and JAMF Software solutions to survive? Or does it take meditation on how you can become "one" with the optimal production workflow? Jody Rodgers, Senior Product Manager from Adobe, will be shaving heads or sharpening swords depending on your path.

We will be working through what it looks like to use the Adobe tools in conjunction with the Casper Suite, and be examining successful workflows, and sharing what Licensed Software, Application Usage Reporting, and targeted deployments can do to assist in your organizational endeavors!

Bring your questions, and we will put any resources here after the presentation!



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SOLVED Posted: by wlcasey

I wanted to say thank you for this presentation. Its good to see that JAMF presentations can maintain the highest levels of professionalism. ;-) Seriously, it was a great presentation and I am looking forward to seeing how Wudi is going to convert that psd file into something that can be printed on something besides a really really big plotter.

This presentation fixed problems that I didn't know that I had yet. Thanks Jody and Wudi!

SOLVED Posted: by donmontalvo

The AAMEE session is always one of my's one of the best tools ever created for admins (errr...of course Casper is numero uno).

I'd love to know how friggin big that Photoshop presentation file was. :):):)

PS, I dug up the Adobe Gold Support ticket where they misinformed our client that manual install of CS6 only calls home once...of course we know better as we've been involved with AAMEE since the early Beta days, but wanted to confirm. I'll email you the ticket number so Adobe can get their Gold Support folks up to speed. ;)