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Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users. Join us in person at the ninth annual Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) this November for three days of learning, laughter and IT love.
Title Venue Date/Time Attending
Play Kubb
Gold Medal Park 1444756500 10
Play Kubb
Gold Medal Park 1444842900 8
Play Kubb
Gold Medal Park 1444927500 8
SOLD OUT Monday Night Pre-JNUC Meetup
Grumpy's Downtown 1444694400 132
K12 iPads in Education - 4th Annual Morning Coffee Talk
Guthrie Theater - 5TH FLOOR LOBBY 1444914000 75
Stitch 'n' Bitch & Crafter Meetup
Guthrie Theater, Floor TBA 1444926600 15
**EVENT BRITE REQUIRED** Macbrained Mini Event
Day Block Brewing Company 1444780800 227
Smooth Sailing when Planning for the Casper Suite
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444923000 73
Prepare Your Macs for Online Testing
Dowling Studio 1444839300 48
JAMF Software Keynote 2015
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444744800 359
Let’s Talk About Certificates
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444837500 264
Bringing VPP & DEP to Life
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444766400 131
Eliminating the Middle Man: Providing Creative Device Provisioning Directly to Users with the Casper Suite
Dowling Studio 1444847400 102
JAMF Software Security and Vulnerability Assessments
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444761000 169
Reflections on the Journey from a Single to Multiple JSS Environment
Dowling Studio 1444932000 39
Security Matters: Making InfoSec Your Friend
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444923000 160
Enabling BYOD and COPE with Casper Suite
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444852800 84
Computer Deployment: Ask "Why?" not "How?"
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444761000 135
JNUC 5K - 2015
Guthrie Theater - Main Entrance 1444824000 62
EMEIA/APAC Meet and Greet
The Local 1444784400 41
Update - Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Meetup
Guthrie Theatre Ground Floor restaurant. 1444757400 11
Minneapolis, MN 1444962600 34
JAMF Nation Party 2015
Varsity Theater 1444863600 436
Simplifying Complex Management Infrastructures
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444932000 162
Starfish IT: Scaling Eventbrite IT’s Mac Management
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444847400 59
Make Your JSS Feel New Again with the Help of API
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444847400 168
Imaging from A to Z: Which is the Right Choice for Me?
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444852800 171
Converting a Windows-only Business to Apple
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444932000 64
OS X Security: Defense in Depth
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444751100 245
Moving from Traditional Windows Habits to Advanced Techniques for Modern IT
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444766400 127
Invisible Candles: Exploring IT Applications of iBeacons with Your JSS
Dowling Studio 1444852800 71
Culture Matters: Casper Suite for People Who Fear Going Corporate
Dowling Studio 1444761000 35
Updated-Chicago area admins networking and lunch
Gutherie Theater pohlad lobby 1444755600 20
Mac@IBM, Zero to 30,000 in 6 months
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444831200 275
JNUC 2015 - Post Event Happy Hour
Guthrie Theater - 4th Floor 1444941000 201
First Annual JNUC Bottle Share
JAMF Software 1444946400 61
Texas Admins Networking Lunch
Guthrie Theater, Fifth Floor past JAMF Support 1444843800 11
Louisville/Kentuckiana Admins Networking
Guthrie Theater - 1/2 way up the lower side of the ramp between floors. 1444755600 3
EduTechGuys Radio - Drop by interviews and EdTech discussion
Guthrie Theater - Level 9 - Citizens of Minnesota Overlook (Amber Box) - Table in the corner 1444856400 7
Why API? Using the REST API in an Educational Environment
Dowling Studio 1444923000 77
Beyond Year 1 of a One-to-One: 500 iPads in 60 Minutes
Dowling Studio 1444917600 44
Cynics Beware: Adobe in the Enterprise
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444752900 67
Play Well with Others: Creative User Interaction and the JSS
Dowling Studio 1444937400 152
Solving Real Needs with the Command Line
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444917600 171
Method Behind the Madness of Deploying iPad at Scale
Dowling Studio 1444752900 64
Integrating & Automating Your Help Desk Ticketing
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444917600 110
Novel Solutions with JAMF IT
Dowling Studio 1444766400 89
Code42 CrashPlan and the Casper Suite: The Greatest Partnership since Tyrion and Bronn
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444839300 46
JNUC 5k Cheering Party
Guthrie Theater - Main Entrance 1444824000 25
SoCal User Meetup
Guthrie Theater - Level 9 - Amber Box - Table in the corner 1444842000 11
Security Panel
Wurtele Thrust Stage 1444937400 46
VPP & DEP Panel
McGuire Proscenium Stage 1444937400 80
Minnesota Mac Admin Meetup
8th Level work rooms 1444843800 18
4th Annual PASH BASH
Casa Del Pash 1444775400 18
Tuesday Walking Tour | Minneapolis Riverfront | Led by Historic Preservationist
Meet at Guthrie Theater, 9th Floor (Dowling Studios) 1444772700 14
Wednesday Walking Tour | Minneapolis Riverfront | Led by Historic Preservationist
Meet at Guthrie Theater, 9th Floor (Dowling Studios) 1444859100 14
CT/NYC area Admin Meetup **Updated**
Guthrie Theater, location: bar under the ramp (past the helpdesk tables) 1444843800 16
Classroom Activity - Beyond Deliver and Deploy - Hosted by Product Management and Education Evangelist
Guthrie Theater 8th floor Nelson Classroom 1444836600 19
VT Area Meet up
TBA 1444842000 2
New Jersey Mac Admin meet up
Guthrie Theater -- by the ATM on Level 5 1444845600 7
Seattle and Pacific NW User Lunch
Guthrie Theater - 5th FLOOR LUNCH 1444842000 11
Create Your Own Walking Tour With Beacons
Twocanoes Booth 1444768200 7
Code42 Hour (or two) of Happiness + Live Band Karaoke
The Venue 1444775400 51
College football tonight?
Crooked Pint? 1444950000 1
Hexagon Bar 1444959000 2
Post JNUC Party
Grumpy's 1444957200 15

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