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Company: Alectrona
Location: Washington DC or Remote


Congratulations! We're super excited that you found our ad. It's hard to come by unique, talented individuals like you.

Job Description

You're the guy or gal that our clients come to for help—you are the cavalry. Technical terms don't frighten you, but neither does assuring someone that technology is not a bogeyman that is going to ruin their day. You’re equally comfortable providing white glove customer service and solving real-world business technology problems.

You have a passion for customer success and helping our clients improve their business processes with technology. You're looking to join a team that provides you with the opportunity to be very involved in the tailoring and implementation of customer solutions.


  • You will help build relationships with our customers and improve the perception of our team and the quality of our messaging/responses.
  • You will participate in tailoring solutions from an existing set of products to fit our customer’s needs.
  • You love helping businesses work with cloud apps that solve real world business problems (think streamlining process: project management, HR, email, document management).
  • You are able to document project work and customer interactions accurately.
  • You love helping customers solve technical issues.

Some questions our clients might ask you:
- "Why aren't the phones working?"
- "Why isn't the internet working?"
"Why isn't my computer working?"
"Is that thing supposed to be on fire?"
"Why are these shared folders not mounting?"
"How do I configure port forwarding for this device?"


We love that you know how to solve problems. Your friends marvel at the creative life hacks you’ve discovered to solve everyday problems. ­­Here are some of the qualifications we know you already have:

  • You have some experience with troubleshooting and repairing Macs, using tools such as Jamf Pro, MDM, etc., and hopefully the command line doesn't scare you too much!
  • You have excellent time management skills and can make decisions quickly.
  • You maintain composure and customer focus while solving problems
  • You reassure customers when delivering product diagnoses and potential solutions.
  • 2+ years of technical support experience in a customer facing position
  • You're incredible at delivering excellent customer service (you have a meteoric enthusiasm for working for and with others)
  • You have impeccable written and oral communication.
  • Your friends know you have excellent people skills and a high level of empathy
  • You possess a real passion for working with and understanding technology.
  • You love advising small business customers on Apple hardware and software
  • You're detail oriented
  • You're always on time for deadlines and meetings.

Company Description

We're a young IT consulting firm that provides business technology solutions to a variety of amazing clients in the DC area. We help our clients find technical solutions to real-world business problems. The important thing about our company is that it's growing fast, --really fast. We need people like you to keep up this amazing momentum without sacrificing the exceptional services we provide to our clients.

We are experts at integrating Apple products into busy offices, and we love helping people learn to love their new macOS or iOS device. We use JAMF Pro to deploy and manage devices (and to keep the IT side of things). We're also experts and helping businesses get setup with G-Suite (formerly Google Apps), VoIP phones, BambooHR, Atlassian products (JIRA and Confluence), and network equipment from Cisco Meraki.

We also specialize in putting technology to work in ways that improve process for small to mid-size organizations, where we know our skills and services best match their needs and budgets. We excel in helping companies and nonprofits with 10 to 100 employees: advertising and P.R. firms, law firms, retail establishments, and everything in between.

Everyone here is insanely passionate about what we do and how we do it. We don't want you wearing a suit, and you may often find someone not wearing shoes. There tends to be quite a bit of laughing (and yes, sometimes crying). You will be required to bring your personality to work with you every day. We're not talking about demotivational posters and Dilbert comics--this isn't a gimmick. Who you are and how you fit in is more important than the technical certifications and résumé (although those things are important, too). It's because everyone really, really cares about this company, and is personally invested in its excellence.

You've heard of rules of thumb? Alectrona has only one: hire awesome people. At Alectrona, there is no Rule #2. We combin­­e problem solving expertise with exceptional customer service. How? I-­­t's simple (but not easy): we hire really cool people. We hire fantastic teachers, and turn them into technology experts. It's hard work, but as our clients can attest, it pays off.

Our clients love that we solve problems. We spend time with the people we support, discovering not only their technology needs but their hobbies, interests, hang-ups and fears. Biggest fear? That technology is something scary and intimidating -- we love stomping on that boogieman.

Our office is easy to transit to in the Chinatown area of Washington DC and less than a block away Metro stations serving the Red, Yellow, and Green lines. There’s also lots of amazing places to eat so you won’t go hungry working here either.

Additional Information

How we help you obtain relevant certifications
If you don't have them already, we will help you to acquire certifications from Apple, JAMF, Cisco, Google, and Microsoft, specifically:

Current macOS Apple certification (ACSP)
Jamf 200 certification

How to Apply

Apply online.
We'll read your stuff, and let you know what we think.
If we think you might have the right stuff, we’ll setup a call.
If that goes well, we'll set up a meeting for coffee or drinks.
If you are fantastic, we'll extend an offer that will make you very happy.

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