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iPad and iPhone re-provisioning workflows just got easier.

Setup → Use → Reset

iOS and iPadOS have made their way into an array of industries —education, retail, manufacturing, hospitality — each with their own uses. It’s the partnership of Apple + Jamf that gives Apple devices the ability to be everything a user needs it to be and allows each user it make it their own.

While Jamf fully embraces and supports 1-to-1 Apple technology programs and Shared iPad initiatives in education and business, many organizations need the ability to use a single iPad or iPhone for multiple customized use cases within the same day. Often that is in the form of workers needing the devices in shifts. In the past, this required a manual “wipe and ready” IT workflow to accomplish a secure hand-off of the device or purchasing an excess of hardware. Not anymore.

Jamf offers two patent-pending apps — Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset — to power shared iPhone and iPad strategies in any environment.

Customized vs. Personalized

The Apple Shared iPad initiative is working wonders within the education and commercial industry when it comes to the need for a personalized, shared iPad experience with multiple users. But what about when you need a customized experience based on a user’s role?

Before, this type of reset and exchange would take a full, manual wipe. But with Jamf Pro, Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset, IT can customize a user’s experience based on their role to offer them quick access to everything they need for their day. Choosing which route to go is the difference between choosing a customized or personalized Apple experience, and both are fantastic when used at the right time in conjunction with Jamf.

Jamf Setup: Unlock enhanced provisioning and shared device workflows with a few taps

Jamf Setup is a flexible app that integrates with Jamf Pro to allow for immediate, purpose-driven device provisioning and re-provisioning. Maybe you only see Setup at the start of your shift or maybe this app persists for dynamic role-switching throughout the day. Jamf Setup is just as flexible as Jamf Pro and distills the power of the platform down to an intuitive app for IT and end users that customizes each interaction with a device to fit their needs.

With Jamf Setup IT can:

  • Customize and create an app-based set up workflow
  • Provide the perfect tailored experience customized by role
  • Put the power in the hands of their end users to change apps and settings to fit their needs
  • Pair with Jamf Reset for a seamless shared device cycle from end of shift to re-provisioning for the next user.

Jamf Reset: Reimagine wiping and re-provisioning devices

Jamf Reset provides a secure re-provisioning process that guides users confidently through a two-step process to empower them to securely wipe a device and prepare it for the next user with confidence. Jamf Pro has simplified shared-use for iOS and iPadOS with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset. While they can be used separately, Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset are best when paired together to provide end-to-end configuration management that’s easy and quick for end users and effortless for IT.

With Jamf Reset IT can:

  • Make wiping a device a clean and simple process for every user
  • Bring comfort to users looking to know their data and information is secure
  • Audit when the device is digitally sanitized to assure security
  • Pair with Jamf Setup for a seamless shared device cycle

Jamf Single Login: The next level of shared device personalization

Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset support a new Single Login workflow that simplifies and secures frontline shared-device deployments for any industry. New with this release, a user's cloud-identity credentials can be used to instantly provision/de-provision an iOS or iPadOS device for their individual needs — wirelessly and without IT interaction.

A one-time login in Jamf Setup can provision, assign and secure an iOS device based on a user's identity and role within Azure Active Directory. Upon launching each supporting app, the user is logged in automatically without entering their username and password. At break or end of shift, they can quickly log out from the Jamf Reset app to remove their app accounts and footprint from the device.

Leveraging Microsoft's SSO Plugin for Apple Devices (built on Apple's Enterprise Single Sign-On Framework), Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset with Single Login offers a simple, secure and streamlined way to use an iOS or iPadOS device for each shift — no device wipe required.

The Single Login workflow uses key Microsoft technologies designed for supporting Apple's Enterprise SSO Framework. These technologies are currently in public preview, so please carefully consider potential support issues and other potential risks before using. Microsoft technologies are subject to Microsoft's terms and conditions and should not be used in a production environment. More info from Microsoft is available here:

Read our solution brief to learn more about the Single Login workflow.

See Jamf Setup, Jamf Reset and Single Login in action.

Jamf Setup and Reset

Jamf's Single Login worfklow

True Shared iPad in education

Within Apple School Manager, Apple offers a feature that allows schools the ease and flexibility they need to truly make a shared device deployment a reality. The truth is, not every school is yet able to offer a comprehensive, 1-to-1 deployment; that shouldn’t prevent them from offering a personalized learning setting.

By combining Apple School Manager, Managed Apple IDs and an MDM like Jamf Pro, a student can access their specific saved apps, settings and configurations on any school-owned iPad using the Managed Apple ID created by the school. Whether they use three devices for three classes or a different device for every class, it doesn’t matter. Once signed in, that iPad will be personalized. Their very own.

True Shared iPad in business

Recently, Apple rolled out the Shared capabilities that revolutionized education, to personalize shared device uses in business. Imagine doctors being able to access the apps and data they need, regardless of which floor they are on. Retail employees accessing work email and apps while on the floor.

Offer multiple iPad user profiles by combining Apple Business Manager, Managed Apple IDs and Jamf Pro to give every employee a personalized experience with their Mail accounts, their bookmarks, their files and app data, all while maintaining the level of security needed and expected with every device. Once signed in, that device will be personalized. Their very own.

Connect with us and bring shared devices to life in your organization

  • Leverage the free Apple programs you may already be invovled with
  • Customize and create an app-based set up workflow
  • Make wiping a device a clean and simple process for every user
  • Put the power in the hands of your end users

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