"Overall the cost of textbooks and supplies for Ohio State students in one year is $61 million."

Ohio State CIO, Mike Hofherr, wants that to be zero. And Ohio State’s Digital Flagship program is a monumental step in making that a reality. The Digital Flagship initiative is based on three pillars — student technology, a coding curriculum and app development.

As part of this initiative, 11,500 iPads have been deployed to first-year Ohio State students, leveling the education playing field and saving students on the tremendous cost of learning materials.

1-to-1 iPad programs at the university level have been a staple at the Jamf Nation User Conference over the years. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the below presentations on the what, why and how of iPad in higher education and hear from:

The Ohio State University

Preparing students for the future by leveraging tools they’ll use post-graduation.

Maryville University

Challenging the historical norm with 1-to-1 iPad and Apple School Manager in higher education.