“When did it become OK to live like The Jetsons at home but The Flintstones at work?”

IBM Chief Information Officer, Fletcher Previn, didn't mince words at the 2018 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) when questioning why many consumers choose a modern device for personal use but are given “legacy” tools for work.

Three years ago, IBM set out to change its culture by offering employees a choice in work technology. This “Mac or PC” choice resulted in IBM deploying 1,900 Macs per week, all supported by 24 help desk staff members. At the time, that equated to one staff member supporting 5,400 Mac users. On the other hand, IBM reported that one staff member could only support 242 PC users, due in part because PC users are eight times more likely to call the help desk than Mac users.

Fast-forward to modern day...

Today, IBM has 277,000 Apple devices deployed — all supported by a total of 78 people — and is empowering more people to be their most productive and creative on a daily basis. And, they have even paved the way for more organizations to embark on their own employee-choice program journey. To help you roll out your very own choice program, and reap the rewards every step of the way, IBM has open sourced its provisioning workflow for their Mac@IBM program.

In addition, below are three JNUC session videos to help you begin and thrive with your choice program.

Update from IBM

Previn explains what IBM's technology landscape looks like today.

New business practices

Wipro discusses why their employee-choice program is good for business.

Technical side of choice

See what needs to be done to implement a choice program in your organization.