Enabling Secure, Identity-Based Access for Remote Mac Workers

Demand for remote and hybrid work models has been mounting for years, but there’s no escaping that the global pandemic has dramatically accelerated this trend. Now businesses everywhere are focused on the challenge of adhering to enterprise security best practices outside the physical infrastructure of the office.

In this webinar, Enabling Secure, Identity-Based Access for Remote Mac Workers, you’ll find guidance on implementing a remote work strategy that safeguards company and employee information by authenticating user identities across apps and devices. This allows you to maintain the highest security standards without disrupting employee workflows or overtaxing IT admins.

You’ll learn all about:

  • Setting up and troubleshooting identity provider integrations
  • Creating and configuring local account and password policies
  • Navigating passwordless authentication across managed devices
  • Handling permissions and controlling access to networks and apps

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