5 Education Technology Mistakes to Avoid this Summer:

A Guide for Districts, IT, Educators and Curriculum Owners

You’ve most likely heard (or experienced) stories of education technology failures. All too often, the fear, uncertainty or doubt of botched technology programs leave some schools skittish of potentially following suit.

But the failures of the past should not prohibit the accomplishments of the future. Schools and their IT and educators simply need to learn from past mistakes — theirs or others’ — and ensure that best practices and proven strategies are followed and implemented.

So, before you roll up your sleeves and get to work, fill out the form below to download our guide on addressing the five most common scenarios that have plagued schools and left them scrambling to get the most out of their education technology.

Education technology scenarios include:

1. Don’t worry, we’ve got time

Timing is everything when it comes to education technology. See a timeline of when to enroll, configure and deploy your iPad devices this summer.

2. No Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for us

When iPad devices were purchased through a retailer like Best Buy, additional steps are needed to enroll them into DEP (now called Apple School Manager). We show you how.

3. All or nothing with Apple School Manager

Learn from a workflow on how to transition to Apple School Manager and discover which features are most beneficial to your school environment.

4. Device lock (and iCloud) missteps

When students don't log out of their device properly, discover how you can leverage an Activation Lock Bypass code to unlock and ready the iPad for the next student or school year.

5. Who needs access to what and when

With graduating students leaving and new students coming in, let's examine how to get the right students the right resources at the right time.

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