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Mobile device management 101.

Unlock the power of iPad and iPhone in business.

Businesses are not choosing just any mobile technology to support their workforce. They are adopting iOS at increasing rates because it is preferred by users, easy to manage and secure. By putting iPad and iPhone into the hands of employees, organizations of all shapes and sizes pave the way for better engagement, enhanced business practices, and greater output of creative and innovative work.

Great, right? But how to make all of this seamlessly happen? That may have seemed like a daunting question until now. This e-book will provide an overview of Apple programs for business and the basics of mobile device management (MDM), so you can help employees get the most out of their technology.

Become an expert in:

Defining MDM

What is mobile device management and why does it matter

Device Deployment

How to enjoy zero-touch deployments with MDM

Inventory Capabilities

What information can you collect and why you'd want to

Management Commands

What's available and what can you do with them

App Deployment

How to deploy productivity apps with MDM

Security + Privacy

What security features are available and how they protect you and your users

You ready to get started?

Simply fill out the form and download your free e-book. No better opportunity to have a “cheat sheet” with all the MDM answers you need. Your secret is safe with us.

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