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Jamf education pricing.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your environment, we have the Apple management solution for you.

Standard $ 5 50 year
Plus* $ 9 00 year

Includes enhanced Jamf Support

Ready-made for education technologists

  • Out-of-the-box ready to be up and running quickly.
  • No dedicated tech resources required.
  • Pre-made management templates.
  • Also available at $17.50 for the lifetime of a device.
  • Many resellers allow customers to purchase in local currency.
iOS, iPadOS & tvOS $ 9 00 year
macOS $ 18 00 year

Ready-made for IT

  • Ideal for IT professionals managing multiple schools or a district.
  • Powerful workflows for deployments of any size.
  • Differentiated Mac management functionality.
  • Full customization.

Seamless user provisioning.

Create one Mac account. Sign in once. $ 5 00 year

Simple authentication and account setup via reimagined login experience

  • Bundle includes NoMAD Pro, NoMAD Login+ and PKINIT.
  • Can be purchased independent of Jamf Pro and Jamf School.
  • Provides the best Apple provisioning and authentication experience when paired with Jamf MDM.
  • Jamf Connect education pricing is only valid for Jamf Pro, Jamf School, ZuluDesk or Jamf Now customers.