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Jamf Focus

iPad classroom management that enhances teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Transform the classroom with individualized learning.

As the use of iPad continues to grow in education, teachers need classroom management software to create a positive, productive classroom experience. With Jamf Focus — a free iPad app with the Jamf Pro — teachers can gain student attention, transition to specific apps or web pages, conduct secure assessments, and personalize learning.

See how easy it is for teachers to manage iPad.

Guided Access

Focus students on apps or websites, and ease transitions by sending customized messages to student iPads to bring attention back to the teacher. Focus can be directed at groups or individual devices to provide a personalized classroom experience and the modern approach to “pencils down”.

Secure Assessments

Jamf Focus lets teachers conduct summative and formative assessments securely. With just a couple of taps, teachers can focus individuals, subsets of students, or all students at once on a testing app or webpage. After the assessment concludes, teachers can restore full iPad functionality to students using their classroom management software.


With classroom management software, find and distribute books from the iBook Store or create custom classroom content with iBooks Author. Books appear in Self Service within moments for students to download, and can be assigned to individual or multiple classes.


A teacher can prompt students to share their screen on Apple TV. Eliminate the additional time it takes for students to initiate AirPlay, locate the Apple TV, and enter a passcode. Provide interactivity with classroom management software and offer a seamless way to showcase student work.


Avoid interruptions and lost time if a student is locked out of their iPad. Without calling IT, teachers can reset passcodes, keeping students on task and engaged to ensure classroom time is used appropriately.

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