Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan: Bridging exploration and technology for faster results

Education and research at its finest

Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) Royal Institute of Technology is the largest and one of the most prestigious universities in Sweden. Founded in 1827, KTH is the oldest university in the country, and is home to at least one third of Sweden’s technical research and engineering education capacity at the university level.

KTH is the oldest university in Sweden focused on technical research and engineering education
The university utilizes Jamf Pro to manage more than 300 Macs
Leverages Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for zero-touch deployments
Provides streamlined support for users both on and off campus
Saved time and resources by empowering users through Self Service
Utilizes the knowledge and resources within the Jamf Nation community
We chose Jamf and their Jamf Pro solution for their excellent support, knowledgeable Jamf Nation community, and substantially lower learning curve than other providers. Jamf Pro also offers a friendlier, less clogged user interface. And the focus on the Apple platform was a huge plus.
Lars Carlestam System Administrator, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

Solutions to match technology

To accomplish the tremendous amount of research conducted at KTH, the university brought in Mac OS X devices. When they arrived, some were put under an in-house management solution called DISCO, while others went unmanaged. But with all the power and functionality of the Mac, KTH’s IT staff quickly realized they needed a better management tool to get the most out of their technology.

Researching a new solution

KTH researched a few management solutions and found one that would make it easier for their staff to support their growing fleet of Macs, while also offering a Self Service component to empower their users and save valuable time and resources for IT.

Empowering users

Today, KTH has nearly 300 Mac computers enrolled in the Jamf Pro server—the server component of Jamf Pro. They have plans to enroll between 500 and 800 more in the near future. KTH is currently using Jamf Pro to deploy software updates and installations, many of which are done by placing resources in Jamf Pro Self Service, an internal app store where IT-approved apps, content, and settings live so users can update their devices on their own. KTH is also utilizing Jamf Pro to deploy printers, improve lab room management, and provide streamlined support for users — both on and off campus.

More management tools available

With improved device management in place, KTH plans to use the tool for imaging, directory bindings, and provide more offerings to users via Self Service.

“By bringing in Jamf Pro, it has been much easier for help desk and first-line support to handle local and remote issues,” Carlestam said. “Self Service relieves the support load with much less manual labor for IT. And end users are getting the support and tools to help them solve problems by themselves.”

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