Sewanhaka Central High School District

Supporting individual learners with Apple technology

After an extensive decision analysis, which evaluated tech from Google, Microsoft and Apple, the Sewanhaka Central High School District said their nearly 9,000 iPad devices not only level the socioeconomic playing field between students, but they also serve as a huge equalizer for students with learning differences.

Sewanhaka was also the first district in New York to use the free GeoGebra graphing calculator app on a paper-based test - another way to create equity among students. Robert Pontecorvo, coordinator of mathematics, Sewanhaka Central High School District, said in one of the district’s schools, 300 kids didn’t have graphing calculators for a previous test - an unacceptable disparity between students.

“It’s a very different feeling to be a kid who has to borrow a calculator after school in order to complete homework, versus that kid who goes home with a calculator,” he said, “That wasn’t right, and that’s thankfully changed now that we have GeoGebra.”

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