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iPad Total Cost of Ownership

The Benefits and Cost Savings of a Mid-Year Refresh

If you’re anything like your peers, you are evaluating your education technology on an annual basis to determine if it’s time for a refresh. While most schools conduct their device refreshes during the summer because teachers, staff and students are not present, this timing can prove costly as the market is flooded with devices from schools doing the same thing.

To help school districts re-think their technology spending to focus more on total cost of ownership and residual value, as opposed to upfront cost, we’ve partnered with Diamond Assets — a technology buyback company — to explain:

  • The true value and cost of iPad and Chromebook in education
  • When schools receive the most trade-in value for their technology
  • How to prepare for and execute technology refreshes

Download this e-book to discover a financially sustainable way to optimize technology investments — your budget, educators and students will thank you.

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