Jamf Acquires Digita Security, Creators of Enterprise Endpoint Protection Built Exclusively for Mac

MINNEAPOLIS – July 31, 2019Jamf announced today its acquisition of Digita Security, creators of enterprise-grade, purpose-built endpoint protection solutions designed to protect Mac users from malicious activities and threats, all while preserving the Apple experience users expect and love. With Digita Security, Jamf will complement its Apple management, authentication and account management solutions with a security offering to provide the industry’s most robust suite of capabilities in the Apple enterprise market. Details regarding availability of Jamf’s enterprise endpoint protection solution will be announced in the near future.

“There is undisputable evidence that demand for Mac in the enterprise is at a record high but, at the same time, security and privacy concerns are at a fever pitch,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. “By extending our existing suite of products with an endpoint protection solution built exclusively for Mac, we know we can further our mission to help organizations succeed with Apple by offering a complete set of capabilities required for Apple in the enterprise. We are excited to welcome the entire Digita Security team to Jamf and plan to aggressively invest in this important solution.”

Founded by a team of industry experts who are regarded as top researchers and developers in macOS security and malware analysis, Digita Security quickly realized there was a unique opportunity to provide a new enterprise endpoint protection solution built exclusively for Mac that works with and extends an organization’s existing security framework. With this laser focus, Digita Security’s approach is to fully leverage and extend the complete and latest native security capabilities for macOS to deliver the most robust and relevant solution for Mac on the market. Digita Security’s Apple-first and Apple-only approach will help ensure day-zero support for new macOS releases, so IT has insight into security vulnerabilities and can take advantage of new operating system security features. End users are also empowered with the latest macOS capabilities.

“There are many great security solutions in the market, but none of them focus on the unique security capabilities and threats for Mac, and the expectations of both enterprise IT/security and Mac users,” said Patrick Wardle, Chief Research Officer, Digita Security. “We knew early on there was a need for a purpose-built solution that provides the depth of security and peace of mind required by enterprise organizations, and to do so in a way that delivers a user experience that Mac users love. That’s why we started Digita Security and why we are thrilled to join Jamf and fully realize this shared vision.”

“Our employees use Mac because they make them more productive and collaborative, and with Jamf, are easier for our IT team to manage,” said David McIntyre, Ph.D., Chief Information Technology Officer, Build America Mutual. “We knew we needed an endpoint protection solution that preserved the Apple user experience while upholding our data security and privacy. Through Digita Security’s streaming insights, we have unprecedented visibility into our macOS fleet so we can maintain continuous compliance, detect advanced threats, and hunt suspicious behaviors. We’re excited about Jamf’s acquisition of Digita Security because their exclusive focus on helping organizations succeed with Apple ensures continued innovation in endpoint protection for Mac.”

Those interested in being kept up-to-date on future Jamf products can visit: https://www.jamf.com/lp/digita-security

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