Jamf Adds Custom Profiles to Jamf Now, Its Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, for Powerful Yet Intuitive Device Control

New capability allows organizations to create and deploy configurations quickly to fit the needs of their devices.

MINNEAPOLIS – August 20, 2019Jamf announced it has added Custom Profiles to Jamf Now, its mobile device management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Custom Profiles will give Jamf Now customers added flexibility and device management power, while still maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Custom Profiles is available with the Jamf Now Plus plan.

“Organizations have unique needs when it comes to managing their devices,” said Tad Johnson, director of product strategy, Jamf Now. “Custom Profiles will allow our Jamf Now customers the benefit of unlimited configurations, without sacrificing the simplicity of the Jamf Now Blueprints user interface.”

Jamf Now offers seven configuration categories (Web Clips, Security, Email, Wi-Fi, Restrictions, Single App Mode and Wallpaper) in a Blueprint, which allows many macOS and iOS configurations to be easily set up and applied to devices associated with that Blueprint. Custom Profiles give customers who need a more detailed profile the ability to deploy a configuration that goes beyond what is currently offered. Users simply create their custom profiles in Apple Configurator, Profile Manager, Profile Creator or other tools, then upload them to Jamf Now to seamlessly deploy to all Apple devices associated with a Blueprint.

“Custom Profiles will solve a lot of challenges and make our lives easier. Today, I'm manually onboarding new computers, which takes a lot of time,” said Jonas Hemgren, internal IT manager, Hemnet Service HNS AB. “Custom Profiles will allow me to automate the entire process and be able to just hand the device to an employee with zero touch.”

About Jamf

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