Jamf Announces Same-Day Support for Apple Fall Releases Across its Product Portfolio

MINNEAPOLIS – September 16, 2020 – Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, today announced it is prepared with both compatibility and key feature support across its product portfolio for Apple’s iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14, which became generally available today. Jamf is also prepared to support same-day compatibility with macOS Big Sur when Apple makes it available later this fall.

Jamf has consistently offered same-day support for all Apple releases to ensure customers and end users can take advantage of new Apple technology in their school or business as it becomes available.

This year’s new operating systems deliver powerful features that will help organizations in three critical areas: enterprise workflows, security and privacy, and distance learning. Key functionality includes:

Powerful and scalable enterprise workflows

· Skip setup items for mobile devices — IT admins gain more ways to tailor the enrollment experience to their end users’ needs. Setting up an iOS or iPadOS device should be as streamlined as desired and the ability to omit steps, like SIM setup and Watch migration screens, helps end users become productive as quickly as possible.

· Shared iPad enhancements — IT can now apply mobile device configuration profiles at the user level for iPads enrolled with Jamf with Shared iPad enabled. This feature enhances Shared iPad workflows in the enterprise by allowing a configuration profile payload - like a Web Clip - to be available to each user as they log into the device.

· VPN configuration enhancements — Per-App VPN enables admins to specify which apps and domains can use the Per-App VPN connection. Admins can also configure the VPN connection for popular default apps like Calendar and Contacts.

· Allow users to remove managed apps — Admins can choose to allow greater control over how mobile devices function by giving end users the ability to remove specific managed apps.

More enhancements to user privacy, while ensuring organizational security

· Apple continues to increase the level of control the IT team can have on devices. Examples of new MDM commands and restrictions include being able to set the time zone, restricting Wi-Fi MAC address randomization in iOS and iPadOS and setting non-removable iOS and iPadOS managed apps.

Continued innovation in distance learning

· Jamf Teacher is now available in Jamf Pro – Jamf Teacher is a free mobile app that allows teachers to have limited management of student's school-issued devices when integrated with Jamf Pro. Previously only available in Jamf School, Jamf Pro customers can now use the app to manage their classes whether they are next to a student in a classroom or managing the learning experience remotely. Teachers can manage classes by locking students into specific apps and websites and create and start lessons by allowing students to only access apps and websites for the lesson.

· Updates in Apple Schoolwork and Apple Classroom – Apple Schoolwork works with the managed Apple ID to assist teachers with managing schoolwork with grading, editing handouts with multiple students in a class. Apple Classroom works closely in conjunction with Jamf School, functioning on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This serves as an important privacy function, so schools are unable to view the screen of a device in a home environment when the student is away from the classroom.

“Jamf is proud to have offered same-day support for Apple’s latest operating systems over the years. Whether a customer wants to immediately adopt new OS features or has needs to assess updates before deployment, Jamf’s commitment to compatibility and key feature support helps customers advance the world-class Apple experience that end users expect,” said Jason Wudi, chief technology officer, Jamf. “This year, Apple has made important updates in user provisioning, powerful enterprise workflows, and ensuring security while upholding user privacy, and we’re excited about what these advancements mean for IT and the end users that rely on Apple’s platforms.”

About Jamf

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