Casper Suite Release Notes, Version 9.3

Casper Suite 9.3 Release Notes

The Casper Suite v9.3 includes the following key features:

  • User Management—The JSS now allows you to view and manage user inventory information.
  • VPP-Managed Distribution—Apps and eBooks purchased through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) can now be assigned to users for VPP-managed distribution.
  • Device Enrollment Program—After the JSS is integrated with the Apple Device Enrollment Program, you can use the JSS to configure enrollment and setup settings for mobile devices and computers using a PreStage enrollment. In addition, you can use PreStage enrollments to customize the user experience of the Setup Assistant.
  • Casper Focus enhancements—Casper Focus updates include a redesigned interface and the ability to focus mobile devices on a website. In addition, you can now exclude a device from a class temporarily if you do not want the device to receive focus actions.
  • Activation Lock Bypass support—When viewing management information for a mobile device, you can now view the Activation Lock bypass code for the mobile device. The Activation Lock bypass code can be used to bypass the Activation Lock associated with a mobile device.
  • Apple Configurator Enrollment—You can enroll mobile devices with the JSS by connecting them to a computer via USB and using Apple Configurator, an enrollment URL, and an anchor certificate that you download from the JSS.
  • Improved connection speeds for Casper Remote—To improve connection speeds, Casper Remote will first attempt to contact a computer using the computer’s reported IP address. The IP address reported by Tomcat will be used as the failover.
  • Security enhancements—Options have been added for validating software distribution packages using checksum. In addition, user-initiated re-enrollment of computers can now be restricted to authorized users. 

Learn more about the Casper Suite version 9.3, which now offers user management, VPP-managed distribution, and the Device Enrollment Program (DEP).