Casper Suite Release Notes, Version 9.6

The Casper Suite v9.6 includes the following key features:

  • Support for OS X Yosemite (v10.10)—The Casper Suite now includes support for OS X v10.10.
  • Additions to OS X configuration profiles—New payloads and settings have been added to OS X configuration profiles. This includes but is not limited to: AirPlay payload, Xsan payload, and additional settings in the Passcode, Restrictions, and AD Certificate payloads.
  • Mac App Store apps—Mac App Store apps purchased through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and assigned to users via VPP-managed distribution can now be installed automatically on computers with OS X v10.9 or later.
  • Device Enrollment Program—When the JSS is integrated with the Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, computers with OS X v10.10 can be managed automatically when added to the JSS using a PreStage enrollment.

Learn about new offers in 9.6 such as support for OS X v10.10, new payloads and settings for OS X configuration profiles, and more.