Best practices for deploying Google Chrome to your Apple fleet

Google Chrome is used by end-users in commercial and education, and it’s become even easier to deploy for Jamf administrators. Come learn from the Google Chrome for Enterprise team on best practices for deploying Google’s secure and fast browser to your fleet.

In this video, Alex Bauer covers the integration between Jamf and Google Chrome, specifically on Mac OS and iOS. He discusses how they have diversified the package formats for Chrome on Mac and how they are overhauling the Google updates experience on Mac OS to align with other platforms, providing a better experience for administrators. They also offer policies for configuring Chrome on Mac OS and an integration with Jamf Pro for easier deployment. Additionally, they are working on offering a side by side installation of Chrome browser on MacOS to run multiple installations simultaneously.

  1. What are the policies that administrators can use to configure Chrome on Mac OS?
  2. How is Google improving the update experience on Mac OS?