Between two Jamfs: A conversation about Jamf Pro best practice

Learn the best practices for working with and maintaining a Jamf Pro instance from some Jamf Pros.

Since the lime-green days of yore, Emily and Bryson have been wrangling Macs, contributing to (and building) community projects, and spendings lots of time and energy figuring out how to manage a happy and healthy Jamf Pro instance. In this session they’re sitting down to talk about what they’ve learned and share their opinions on what they consider “best practice” for working with and maintaining a Jamf Pro instance. Naming conventions, categorization, maintenance, tools, documentation… it’s all important. Defining your approach to how you manage company devices and how you structure the content in a Jamf Pro server can have a huge impact and contribute to long-term success with this powerful management framework. If you have yet to establish your organization’s best practice and standards for device management with Jamf Pro, the opinions, tips, and tricks shared here will help you start your best practice journey.