Bringing Wandera insights into your security operations center

Discover how to effectively leverage Jamf Threat Defense to protect your organization's and employees' data.

Jamf’s industry-leading Threat Defense solution provides the most comprehensive protection for mobile workers on the market today. The service is easy to use, for both end users and admins alike, and protects workers from the full spectrum of mobile attack vectors, from device configuration vulnerabilities and malicious apps to man-in-the-middle attacks and zero-day phishing attacks. But how does your security team stay on top of every risky event and maximize the value Wandera has to offer – especially when you already work with a console too many? Join this session to discover:

  • How Jamf is uniquely positioned to provide deep insights beyond simple threat detections
  • What integration options are available to connect your organization’s threat event data with your preferred security solutions
  • How to effectively use this data to create or extend your existing workflows and playbooks