Engineering for Exponential Growth with Jamf Pro

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Find out how this organization was able to rebuild its Jamf Pro servers using AWS.

Scalable Solutions made easy.

This 2018 Jamf Nation User Conference session examines how a company rebuilt its Jamf Pro servers using AWS to solve issues and provide scalability, redundancy and reliability for its rapidly-growing company. This organization walks through why they decided to overhaul their Jamf Pro Server, challenges they faced, and how they were able to successfully re-enroll 1,668 macOS and iOS devices without disrupting business operations. Their zero-touch deployments have been greatly improved, and they’re now drop-shipping Macs to end-users in their retail locations across the U.S. they’re using NoMAD, NoMAD login window, DEP, PreStage enrollments, and various policies and configuration profiles, along with a workflow that has eliminated the need for engineers to manually enable additional users for FV2.