Going to the Cloud with Jamf Cloud

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Watch this video to learn how Jamf Cloud eliminates the burden of hosting, enabling your team to focus on management of devices, not infrastructure.

Migrate to the cloud

As the number of devices in your environment increases, so does the need for scalable, globally available services to manage them. Jamf offers customers the ability to host their Jamf Software Server and Jamf Pro services in the Cloud. You handle the inventory, deployment and security of Apple devices in your environment. We'll handle the infrastructure.

More Jamf customers are choosing to use Jamf Cloud. Watch this video to learn more about the Jamf Cloud options and what we are doing to provide scale and security for our cloud offering. This video also dives into the process for migrating to the cloud - what you need to do beforehand, what infrastructure changes you need to make, and the process you should expect.