Jamf and Google Chrome: working together to simplify work, JNUC Keynote 2022

Industry innovator Google Chrome has been working closely with Jamf, especially over the past year on multiple initiatives. Jamf Nation welcomed VP of Engineering for Google Chrome, Parisa Tabriz, back to JNUC.

Tabriz was happy to hear that Dean Hager chooses Chrome as a business browser, and gave a shout-out to her team that works hard make it more secure and faster.

She and Hager ran through a few key ways that Google Chrome and Jamf are working together, starting with the Apple Wallet demonstration, which used Chrome Browser as the enterprise work browser and secured per-app VPN and Jamf Private Access through managed Apple IDs federated to Microsoft Azure.

Security also depends on the ability to block compromised devices, which Google BeyondCorp partnered with Jamf to make it available on a Mac.