Compliance Made Even Easier | JNUC 2023

Learn to implement effective compliance in macOS using Jamf Compliance Editor, with insights from Jamf experts on the macOS Security Compliance Project.

In the session led by Allen Golbig and Matt Woodruff at Jamf, they demonstrated the ease of implementing compliance in organizations using the macOS Security Compliance Project (mSCP) and Jamf Compliance Editor (JCE). The session covered how JCE integrates with mSCP for efficient management of security baselines on managed endpoints via Jamf Pro. They emphasized the importance of mSCP in aiding IT and security teams to meet compliance benchmarks and highlighted JCE's role in simplifying the uploading of customized compliance assets to Jamf Pro. The presentation also included a discussion on actively monitoring endpoint health, identifying security gaps, and the advantages of using JCE's native macOS app for generating compliance assets tailored to organizational needs. This session provided valuable insights into enhancing macOS security compliance using Jamf's tools and solutions.