Jamf Event Education 2024

Security, Compliance and Device Management for Education. Jamf's Latest Innovations.

Welcome to a pivotal update from Jamf for Education. This update is a beacon of our progress, showcasing groundbreaking enhancements aimed at improving educational landscapes.

Through our three pillars—Simplicity, Scale, and Security—we're introducing solutions that seamlessly integrate into the educational fabric, supporting both the teachers on the front lines and the students at the heart of learning. We're simplifying IT challenges, scaling solutions to meet diverse needs, and securing the digital environment for every learner.

Dive deep into the essence of Apple digital classroom with Jamf School, a platform designed to surpass traditional device management and cater to the unique demands of schools. Discover the transformative power of our latest features, including StateRAMP ready status - Enhanced Compliance for Jamf School, the introduction of App Installers for hassle-free app management, and enhancements in user apps that fortify the learning journey across all touchpoints.

Join us as we unfold stories of real-world impact, demonstrating how our technologies are not just implemented but lived. Witness firsthand accounts from educators: who are leveraging Jamf and Apple to create transformative educational experiences. As we navigate through these narratives, we invite you to envision the boundless possibilities that Jamf's innovations unlock for Apple in education.

Embrace this journey with us as we continue to break new ground, ensuring every student and educator can achieve their full potential.

What's included?

  • Security and Compliance for Education
  • Jamf School App Installers
  • Jamf Teacher and Jamf Parent demo
  • Jamf Connect Privilige Elevation
  • Jamf Safe Internet updates
  • Second Baptist School: Apple & Jamf Experience
  • City of Oslo: iPads at school