Managing Devices in an Open Culture: Yes it Can be Done

You want to do what with my device? Diana Birsan and Steven Scott were tasked with the challenge of deploying Jamf Pro (formerly known as Casper Suite) to 1,000 Shopify employees who were used to having free reign over their devices. Despite the unpopular response to their request, they knew security was a top company priority. Marrying the need for corporate security while preserving the coveted company culture was a difficult play, but Birsan and Scott were up for the challenge.

Birsan, an IT lead at Shopify in Toronto is an expert with Jamf Pro. She understands the ins and outs of how it works and knew managing devices in an open culture was possible. Her colleague, Scott, a security development operations engineer at Shopify in Ottawa, was also confident they could find a solution and bridge the gap between security and device freedom.