Managing Office 2019 for Mac

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Hear from leaders at Microsoft and Jamf to discover workflows for delivering the best Office for Mac experience to your users.

How to manage Microsoft Office for Mac.

You've installed the latest version of Office for Mac and now you need to deliver the best experience for your users. What should they see when opening Microsoft Excel the first time? How do you guide them to configure their email in Microsoft Outlook? Where can they find your company letterhead?

Hear from leaders at Microsoft and Jamf to discover your options for managing the Office for Mac experience for your users. Learn the best ways to deploy and update Office for Mac, how to easily change from volume licensing to Office 365 subscription and streamline the activation process, and discover the dozens of manageable settings for Office and how to deploy your settings using Jamf Pro.

Don't have time to watch the entire session video? Check out the blog recap and see how you can help users activate Microsoft Office 365 and configure Outlook in one click.

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