Remotely automating Mac services from ServiceNow (with the ITS Jamf Integration!)

Some of the user stories we'll work with: remotely off-boarding and on-boarding via remote management commands and workflows, reclaiming under-used licenses to reduce overall software expenditures or removing blocklisted software and remotely fulfilling software requests via the ServiceNow Service Portal.

For many organizations, the increased IT demands created by larger remote workforces has exposed a Mac-sized gap in their IT processes. For ServiceNow customers, the stopgap solution is often to use their SN instance as the front end for a "swivel chair" request / fulfillment model, which can work for a while, but isn't scalable. In this session, Jay Wigard from ITS Partners will work through a couple of stories to look at how the ITS Jamf Integration can leverage the Jamf Pro API in conjunction with Now Platform elements, like the employee Self Service portal and HR onboarding/offboarding workflows, to operationally integrate Macs into the same IT process automation that gets applied to non-Mac users and assets.