The One-Click Tool to Gather, Upload and Announce Sysdiagnoses: ITS LOG!

ITS-LOG! is the all-new Self Service tool for Mac admins! Accelerate your incident investigations! Help users help your IT department!

Boost your signal to Apple! Make your wildest dreams* come true! (*dreams sold separately). Come witness an amazing live demonstration of ITS-LOG! With one click, ITS-LOG does all of this: Prepares a Mac sysdiagnose file; Uploads the file to cloud storage; Asks the user about the issue or crash; Sends a notification when complete. ITS-LOG! also solves your biggest headache of coordinating the collection of time-sensitive info from many Macs. Incredible! But how does it work? We'll dive in with a basic setup and example configurations. ITS-LOG! was designed for use by IT departments of any size, whether you're an institution with an AppleCare Support Agreement, or simply collecting logs for incident investigation or curiosity. The user survey functions as a kind of ersatz Apple Feedback Assistant form. By asking the user when their memory is freshest, you can include relevant and impactful user stories with your sysdiagnose logs when submitting feedback to Apple.