EdTechX Jamf Spotlight session

Our education team welcomed Andrew Jewell, Jenny Dunne, Abdul Chohan and Catherine Thomas to discuss the role technology played in education in the last few months and what the future looks like.

COVID-19 has been a huge challenge for everyone globally. Education has been forced to react in ways we would never have expected. As we progress through the pandemic, schools are adapting to the situation and discovering what works and what doesn’t work, with the aim to refine their learning strategy. As ed tech is providing more solutions and new questions about what education looks like are being asked, is now the time for an education reset?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How technology has been used throughout the pandemic to support learning
  • What schools learnt and how they adapted their plans to remote learning and back in the classrooms
  • Why we see technology playing a key role in the future of education and how it will continue to shift

About the Speakers

Craig Smith, Senior Education Manager UK & Ireland at Jamf
Aaron Webb, Senior Education Marketing Specialist UK & Ireland at Jamf
Catherine Thomas, Head Teacher Holy Trinity Primary School
Abdul Chohan, VP of Learning at Showbie
Jenny Dunne, Executive Director of Learning at New Bridge MAT
Andrew Jewell, Director at Andrew Jewell Ltd