How to Deliver a Better Patient Experience

Discover how the Jamf Healthcare Listener, Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset can help you give your patients a better hospital experience.

The healthcare landscape is changing and patient expectations are rising. Patients want more control and a better overall experience. Imagine a world that allows patients to see their medical records, close the blinds, take satisfaction surveys, and watch their favorite movies and tv shows — all from an iPad or Apple TV.

This is all possible today! Join our webinar to see how iPad and Apple TV can transform the patient bedside experience and help improve HCAHPS scores.

We’ll cover:

  • Brief overview of Apple in healthcare
  • How Jamf Pro can:
    • Automate the iPad and Apple TV setup process for patients
    • Deploy apps that engage, educate and entertain
    • Digitally sterilize the device for the next patient to protect PHI
  • Jamf healthcare solutions:
    • Jamf Healthcare Listener, the secure EMR integration to Jamf Pro that automates management of bedside devices based on patient status (i.e., remote wipe upon discharge)
    • Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset, Jamf’s patent-pending iOS applications that streamline shared device deployments for any use case

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