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Apple Device Enrollment Program – streamlined setup for users.

Open box. Power on. Enjoy.

Zero-touch deployment gives you your day back.

Need to deploy some devices? No problem. Jamf Pro and Jamf Now integrate with Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), so you can automatically enroll and configure new Macs, iPads, iPhones or Apple TVs remotely. Make time-consuming imaging and manual configurations a thing of the past. Together, Jamf and Apple DEP go beyond the basic mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to help you deliver happiness in a (shrink-wrapped) box.

A win-win for you and your users.

For You

Maintain control and security, without the hassle. An automated enrollment process allows you to configure any Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. Customize each device to give your users exactly what they need at first use. Nice work.

For Users

After walking through the simple Setup Assistant, users are ready to use their new Macs, iPads, iPhones or Apple TVs – no additional work required. Little do they know, you’ve taken care of everything behind the scenes to create this seamless “open and enjoy” experience. Congrats!

It’s not too good to be true. We promise.

Watch this short video to experience the ease of Jamf and Apple DEP.

See the power of DEP with Jamf Pro or Jamf Now.

Check out Jamf Pro, the Apple management standard.

Check out Jamf Now for on-demand Apple management; no IT required