Jamf + Rally makes it easy to Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)

Teachers can support daily DEAR time with just one click using the new Jamf and Rally integration.

April 15 2024 by

Meghan Ruggio

Student reading a book on an iPad managed by Jamf School.

Find more reading time every school day.

The new DEAR integration helps educators address two foundational problems in K-12 schools:

  • Students are not reading enough
  • Schools are short-staffed and teachers are overstretched

Rally Reader offers students exactly what they need to read more:

  • Their choice of the best books available
  • Real-time reading assistance powered by AI
  • Motivating dashboards that track reading statistics just like a fitness tracker

Jamf helping in the classroom

The Jamf Teacher application allows teachers to put student iPads into DEAR mode at scheduled times, or whenever there is time available. In combination, the two products make it easier for educators to facilitate more reading with less time and resources.

What are the best times for educators to launch DEAR?

We asked some of our educators to share their favorite moments to launch a DEAR lesson. Here are some of their favorites:

Setting and focusing
When students return to class for a new day or from the excitement of recess or lunch, or simply to reset the energy in the room, a DEAR lesson allows both students and teachers a moment to refocus with a quiet task.

After assignments and tests
Launching a DEAR lesson as a task for students to do when finished early with an assignment can minimize disruptions and keep students engaged. After standardized testing, DEAR lessons offer educators an easy wayfor the entire class to transition into a quiet activity with minimal disruptions.

During independent learning
Adding a DEAR option to stations gives students a focused task to do during rotations, giving teachers the confidence to focus student work time. This also allows teachers to give directions to some students or to conference with one at a time while others read independently.

Book club and quiet time
Teachers lean on DEAR lessons to minimize distractions for students as they complete book club assignments. It's also a great options during quiet time to allow students to unwind and refocus, freeing teachers to grade or complete other tasks during quiet time.

How does the integration work?

Educators use the Jamf Teacher application to create and launch lessons that instantly place the students’ iPads into reading mode, dropping them directly into their Rally Reader books.

When a DEAR lesson is launched, students are able to:

  • Read instantly: students are dropped directly into their books, allowing them to quickly transition into reading
  • Choose their books: with over 50,000 titles to choose from, each student is bound to find just the right book that sparks their interest and meets them at a comfortable level for independent reading
  • Minimize distractions: Jamf secures students into the Rally Reader app, minimizing extra distractions and allowing students to become fully immersed
  • Benefit from assistance: Rally Reader’s AI reading coach allows students to move seamlessly through independent reading time by providing real-time feedback; answering questions like, “How do I say this?”
  • Stay motivated: Rally Reader’s dashboard is student-approved, applying direct feedback from student users to include metrics that are motivating, engaging and fun

Jamf + Rally Reader = student success with reading

Teachers know that the time students spend when they Drop Everything and Read is valuable and important. Rally Reader supports this by minimizing the transition time between tasks to maximize reading time.

Jamf supports this too. Teachers can share DEAR lessons with other educators directly from Jamf Teacher, empowering all educators with the opportunity to fill available learning time with DEAR time.

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