The Jamf Business Plan

The full power of Apple and Jamf in one simple pricing plan.

Best (and most affordable) path to managing and securing Apple at work.

Apple in organizations is growing. And with every Apple device comes the need to securely connect users to resources, adequately manage the entire Apple ecosystem and properly protect each Apple endpoint from vulnerabilities.

IT and security teams are tasked with accomplishing this, in a cost-effective manner, while also adhering to the efficiency, automation, compliance, privacy and user demands of a modern business organization.

Manage and secure Apple at work from Jamf delivers everything organizations using Apple need to deliver a streamlined experience to every user. And it now comes in one pricing plan.

The Jamf Business plan is a user-based pricing model that includes functionality from Jamf enterprise business products — Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, Jamf Protect and Jamf Threat Defense — to automate the entire lifecycle of Apple, including device deployment, management and security.

With one flat rate per user, for up to five devices, you get:

The business plan includes Jamf Standard Support (chat, email or phone during business hours) along with access to the full Jamf online training catalog. The business plan is only available for Jamf Pro instances hosted in Jamf Cloud.

*Cloud identity provider in use is required. Supported identity providers include Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, OneLogin, Ping Federate and IBM Security Verify.

Have questions about the business plan?

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can I mix device-based licenses with user-based licenses?
Organizations cannot purchase or own a mix of device-based licenses and user-based licenses. You will either have a quantity based on the number of devices or a quantity based on the number of users, not both.

So how do I know which is right for me?
If you assign devices to end users, rather than shared devices, and are looking to take advantage of all that Jamf has to offer for your organization, then the Jamf business plan is a great way to get that value for one price.

How many devices does a user-based license include?
The maximum number of devices per user is set at a 5:1 ratio (up to 5 Apple devices per 1 user).

Can I host my Jamf instance on-premises and purchase the business plan?
The business plan is only available for instances hosted on Jamf Cloud.

What services are included in the business plan?
The business plan includes Jamf Standard Support and access to the full, online training catalog. You will receive emails that guide you through specific action steps to complete in the Jamf Online Training Catalog. Implementation and other regular services are not included and can be purchased at current pricing.

I love my Jamf Premium Support plan. Is that included in the business plan?
Jamf Premium Support is a separate purchase from the business plan but if you’ve already purchased Jamf Premium Support or Services, you will be able to apply your existing plan to the business plan solutions.

What if I have more iOS or iPadOS devices than macOS devices or shared-use devices?
Because the pricing is user-based, the device type won’t matter for end users with more than one device. An end user with a Mac and an iPhone counts as one license. An end user with an iPad counts as one license. A end user with an iPad, two iPhones and a Mac counts as one license. For environments with shared-device scenarios such as kiosks or labs, please contact Jamf for licensing information.

If I’m a current Jamf customer, can I take advantage of the business plan?
Yes! If you’re interested in adding all the value of Apple Enterprise Management to your existing Jamf solution, you have <5:1 device to user ratio and have a Jamf Cloud instance, you can purchase the Jamf business plan.

Is there a minimum purchase?
Yes. 25 licenses.

How much does the business plan cost?
$13.00 per month per user billed annually.

Enhance productivity and lower operational costs by leveraging the best Jamf offers.