Reimagine your end users’ login experience.

A first impression is a lasting impression.

Simple and seamless is the name of the game.

First impressions are everything. And, it is no secret that an organization’s greatest asset is its end users. Getting an employee up and running and keeping them productive is critical to an organization’s success. Give your users a simple and seamless process to get going on their Mac with Jamf Connect.

Jamf Connect gives users the ability to access their Mac and their applications with a single identity — all without the need for multiple accounts or to bind to Active Directory. Supporting cloud-identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google Cloud and Apple’s enrollment customization feature, Jamf Connect provides an improved user experience, during setup and day-to-day logins. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved login experience with a single set of credentials across your users’ cloud-identity provider and Mac. Jamf Connect extends this to cloud-identity providers and keeps them in sync indefinitely.
  • Organized Mac fleet for IT to manage — all users are consistently using their cloud-identity credentials (username and password) across their device and applications.
  • Multifactor authentication with each and every login, ensuring the right person is on the right machine.

Simplify your job and the login process for your users.

Get connected and stay connected with Jamf Connect.