Make identity management the easy part of securing devices.

Know the who, when and where of access to your organization’s devices and information.

Give IT what they really want… peace of mind.

Security vulnerabilities are everywhere. And in today’s remote working world, where employees are logging in from unsecure networks or an unauthorized user gets their hands on devices, security concerns are at an all-time high. Because Jamf Connect requires a cloud-identity username and password, IT admins are able to monitor who is accessing their devices, leverage cloud admin permissions to service machines, and maintain security and compliance standards across all devices and users.

  • Admins have the ability to track and monitor what devices are being accessed, from where and by whom.
  • Ability to create multiple IT admin accounts that can leverage cloud-identity provider (IdP) permissions to log in as an admin to any machine, eliminating the security risk of having one static IT account.
  • Admins can enforce password policies via the IdP, maintaining consistency and security of devices and users.

Simplify your job and keep devices and identity secure.

Get connected and stay connected with Jamf Connect.