Blueprints – Get the right apps and settings on the right devices.

A fast track from “do it” to “done.”

Create your configurations with a mobile device management (MDM) template.

Mix and match until your heart is content.

Tap into the power of apps while maintaining security and settings. With Blueprints in Jamf Now, you can easily customize and deploy apps and settings for groups of devices, all from one place.

From apps to security, email, Wi-Fi, restrictions, Single App Mode, Web Clips and wallpaper settings, Blueprints provides you with a quick and easy way to get your employees what they need to be productive.

Create multiple Blueprints to define different settings and apps for different devices within your deployment.

Jamf Now Blueprint MDM template in action

An MDM template for success.

Configure Settings

Pre-configure settings, including email, device security and Wi-Fi networks to specific devices. Easily mix and match settings to build as many different configurations as needed for a group of Apple devices, and automatically apply changes to all devices associated with a Blueprint. For more advanced macOS management, the Jamf Now Plus plan provides the ability to deploy macOS packages.

Distribute Apps

Customize the apps on your team’s devices based on specific industry deployments. Whether it’s a group of iPads being used for Point-of-Sale (POS) retail applications using Single App Mode, or a set of devices used by an accounting team, Blueprints take the stress (and hassle) out of managing app distribution. You can also distribute custom apps with the Jamf Now Plus plan.

Conduct Faster, Easier Deployments

Integrated with Apple’s Automated MDM Enrollment, part of Apple's Business Manager, Blueprints can be pre-assigned to devices with pre-configured settings and apps, enabling true out-of-the-box deployment. Users hit the ground running with what they need to be productive as soon as they unwrap their new iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Don't just take our word for it.

Manage three devices for free. Add more starting at just $2/device/month.

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