Jamf Private Access Apple-native remote access for modern hybrid work.

Connect users to the apps and data they need.

Keep users protected— and productive.

Organizations must ensure secure access to company resources from anywhere.

Ensure the right users are on the right, compliant devices— accessing only authorized resources.

No matter where they are or what device they are on, users rarely connect from within a traditional network perimeter anymore. And mobile devices that roam freely between networks face unique challenges reconnecting continuously to legacy VPNs (virtual private networks).

Jamf Private Access offers purpose-built remote access that takes advantage of native Apple technologies. We offer always-on, low-latency connections that can move freely with your users throughout their day. And Jamf Private Access protects end-user privacy, which means employees don’t need to make tradeoffs in the name of security.

Private Access and the power of the platform.

A modern Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) replaces legacy Enterprise VPN and conditional access workflows.

No more deploying VPN hardware, managing certificates and configuring IP addresses as users migrate away from the traditional office environment.

Together, Jamf Private Access and Jamf Connect integrate with cloud identity providers to ensure secure access to devices and company resources.

Why Private Access?

Identity-centric security model — Only authorized users can connect to business applications and benefit from consistent policy enforcement across data centers, clouds and SaaS applications.

Application-based microtunnels — Only connect users to apps they are authorized to access. Microtunnels enforce least-privilege access and prevent lateral network movement (a common vector for security breaches).

Modern cloud infrastructure — No hardware to manage, no support contracts to renew and no complex software to configure. Users don’t even need administrative permissions to enable secure access.

Integration with your identity services — Enable user authentication through single sign-on (SSO), eliminating the need to manage certificates.

Risk-aware access policies — Enhance security by preventing access from users and devices that may be compromised.

Unified access policy — Spans all hosting locations (on-premises, private and public clouds, and SaaS applications), all modern operating systems and all management paradigms.

Fast and efficient connectivity — Uncompromised access to business apps without impacting battery life: Jamf operates silently in the background without interfering with the user experience.

Intelligent split tunneling — Ensure business connections are secured while enabling non-business applications to route directly to the internet, preserving end-user privacy and optimizing network infrastructure.

Lightweight application — Automatically establish tunnels when applications need to connect— and seamlessly reconnect if there is disruption.

Make ZTNA a reality.

Start with remote access so users can work anywhere. Then, up the security at your own pace.

Build granular access policies to ensure that only safe devices can access corporate applications and data. Even more powerful is the ability to create access policies for individual on-premises or SaaS applications.

You can ensure that only trusted users on safe devices access the specific apps they need for work. Not only is it a better experience for end users, but it’s also a more secure solution for your organization.

Get started with Jamf.

Zero Trust equals peace of mind.

Jamf Private Access

Zero Trust Network Access and modern VPN
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