JAMF Software Announces Bushel Blueprints to Make Apple Device Management Even Easier

Blueprints Allow Users to more Easily Tap into the Power of Industry-specific Apps and Settings to Help Customers be more Efficient, Strategic, and Transformative

MINNEAPOLIS – April 26, 2016 – JAMF Software, the leader in Apple device management, today announced a new release of Bushel®, the Apple device management solution for everyone. Included in this release is Blueprints for Bushel, which gives non-technical users an easy way to customize and deploy select apps and settings to groups of devices, all from one place. Blueprints empower small and medium-sized business users to more easily manage their iPads, iPhones, and Macs in the way they want to — without the need of an IT expert.

“The vast app ecosystem is a leading driver of Mac and iOS adoption in the workplace. With 1.5 million apps in the App Store, employees are using Mac, iPad, and iPhone to re-imagine how work gets done. Companies need an efficient way to distribute the right apps to the right people while maintaining security and settings,” said Dean Hager, CEO, JAMF Software. “By empowering companies to deploy both different settings and apps to different devices, the Blueprint functionality within Bushel gives employees the tools they need to be efficient, strategic, and ultimately transformative.”

Bushel is a cloud-based solution designed from the ground up for non-technical users to set up, manage, and protect their Apple devices anytime from anywhere. Its ground-breaking, intuitive design and no-hassle sign-up makes it easy for small businesses or organizations with less complex technical needs to get devices deployed in minutes. With unmatched ease of use, users can focus on their business, rather than getting caught up with managing technology. With the addition of Bushel Blueprints, businesses can now:

  • Pre-configure Settings: Users can pre-configure settings, including email, device security, and Wi-Fi networks to specific devices by creating a Blueprint applicable to those devices. Within that Blueprint, users can:
    • Easily mix and match settings to build as many different configurations as needed for a group of Apple devices.
    • Automatically apply changes to all devices associated with a Blueprint.
  • Pre-assign App Deployment: Blueprints enables organizations to easily customize the apps on Apple devices based on specific industry deployments. Whether it’s a group of iPads being used for Point-of-Sale (POS) retail applications or a set of devices used by an accounting team, Blueprints take the stress out of managing an app deployment.
  • Conduct Faster, Easier Out-of-the-Box Deployments: When integrated with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Blueprints can be pre-assigned to devices with pre-configured settings and apps, enabling true out-of-the-box deployment. Users can hit the ground running with the settings and apps they need to be productive as soon as they unwrap a new iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Bushel provides businesses with the hands-off ability to ensure that all devices have everything the user needs in order to be successful in their job.

Bushel continues to see rapid adoption by small- and medium-sized businesses across various verticals, and is currently in use by nearly 12,000 organizations. For more than 14 years, thousands of organizations worldwide have relied on technology from JAMF Software to manage Mac, iPad, and iPhone, as well as keep up with new Apple operating system updates, hassle-free.

To learn more about Bushel and Blueprints, visit: bushel.com.

Pricing and Availability
Blueprints is a new feature fully integrated with Bushel, which is free to customers for up to three devices, forever. Beyond three devices, customers pay two dollars a month for each device. Bushel features a pay-as-you-go monthly pricing model, with no long-term contracts. For more information, please visit: bushel.com/pricing.

Comments on the News
“The Blueprints feature marks the next step in the Bushel product evolution,” said Michael Devins, Product Manager, JAMF Software. “Blueprints was developed based on user feedback to enable easy customization and deployment of apps and settings for groups of devices, all in one place. From supporting iPads with POS applications at a clothing boutique to ensuring devices are secured out in the field, Blueprints enable users to manage their Apple devices in the ways they want, without the help of IT.”

“Bushel's cloud-based policy management has been an amazing addition to the administration of our Mac fleet over the past year, and the new Blueprints feature has increased our efficiency by allowing us to group different sets of settings for different groups of workstations, and speed up both the initial deployment of new machines while helping us with changes for our existing ones,” said Andrew Robinson, Senior IT Support Engineer, Help Desk, Gilt Groupe K.K. “Being able to deploy apps without touching a device, and to group apps in different Blueprints, gives us flexibility and responsiveness to our end users' needs like never before.”

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