Goiko: Elevating the restaurant industry with Apple

Since its foundation in 2013, Goiko has grown and expanded in more than eighty branches in Spain and recently opened a branch in Paris. Throughout its growth, Goiko has seen the value of incorporating technology into their processes.

The video is about the growth of a burger company, with the help of technology such as iPads and Jamf Cloud services. The company started with one small store and now has 82 stores, including one in Paris. They have been able to make the ordering process faster, more accurate, and efficient by allowing customers to order from iPads. The use of Jamf Cloud services allows the company to centrally manage all devices and applications, leading to better control of tasks and improved customer service.

  1. How has the company improved its ordering process for customers with iPads?
  2. How has the use of Apple and Jamf technology impacted the company's growth?