Leveraging DEPNotify and Jamf Pro for Device Deployment

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Watch this video to learn a new deployment method that will tell the user what is going on during device enrollment and solicit user input to unlock unlimited new potential workflows.

DEPNotify and deployment in a post-imaging world.

In a post-imaging world (imaging is dead, long live imaging) deploying systems to users may not be so cut and dry anymore. With macOS High Sierra, we learned that imaging is no longer a supported method for setting up and deploying machines, and instead we must utilize Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP). But as a community, we need more useful tools for leveraging DEP and communicating what’s happening on the screen to end users. Enter: DEPNotify. DEPNotify is a lightweight tool created by Joel Rennich, the creator of NoMAD, that you lay down at enrollment time that shows the user what DEP is actually doing in the background. Come learn a new deployment method using DEPNotify that will not only tell the user what is going on at DEP enrollment, but also get user input and populate information back into the Jamf server to unlock an unlimited number of new potential workflows!