Making package uploading and deployment easier with JamfUploader

JamfUploader offers a building-block approach to preparing packages for software deployment.

When using Jamf Pro, there can be a lot of manual work that goes into preparing packages for software deployment. Wouldn't you like to automate the uploading of packages or scripts? How about applying version-controls to your policies, computer groups, extension attributes or even configuration profile creation? JamfUploader is a new open-source project that leverages the classic Jamf Pro API to help you automate any or all of those tasks. Whether you use the custom processors created for AutoPkg (as a new alternative to JSSImporter) or standalone scripts, JamfUploader offers a building-block approach. In the AutoPkg context, this means that you can leverage the AutoPkg framework just how you want it - combining only what is required into a single recipe. From uploading a single package to updating several policies and smart groups whenever a new package is found. Graham and Anthony talk through two of the most common workflows: automated package deployment and updating Self Service policies.