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Connect, manage and protect Apple devices, apps and corporate resources.

What is Apple Enterprise Management?

Apple, Microsoft and Google all have unique workflows to provision, encrypt, deploy, secure, update and support enterprise technology. That is why the notion of “unified endpoint management” (UEM), where all devices are managed by a single management tool, has failed to be successfully implemented across the enterprise. No one management tool is designed to support everything.

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that automates the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise, including device deployment, management and security, without negatively impacting the end-user experience or requiring IT to touch the device.

More than 50,000 organizations rely on Jamf, including:

23 of the Top 25
Most valuable brands as ranked by Forbes
8 of the Top 10
Largest companies as ranked by Fortune 500
7 of the Top 10

Technology companies as ranked by Fortune

8 of the Top 10
Global apparel companies as ranked by BizVibe

*As of June 30, 2021

Apple Enterprise Management designed for Apple.

Preserve the native Apple experience employees expect while fulfilling the security, compliance and privacy requirements.

With every Apple device, organizations need to be able to seamlessly incorporate technology that drives business initiatives by offering users secure access to the resources they need, empowering IT to deliver the functionality required in today’s modern work environment, and providing information security with the peace of mind that devices and data are protected at all times — all while delivering an exceptional experience for every employee.

Zero-touch deployment

Deploy devices to any employee, anywhere. Integrate with Apple deployment programs to automate enrollment and configuration providing a scalable, zero-touch experience with each shrink-wrapped box, personalized for each individual.

Identity-based access

Provision devices with business-critical applications needed to be productive based solely on an employee’s cloud-identity credentials. Users will enjoy a seamless experience when accessing their device with passwordless authentication and applications with a single password that is synchronized down to the local-account level, even when the password is changed, keeping employees on task. And with multifactor authentication enabled for every login, rest easy knowing the right person is accessing the machine and resources.

Curated resources on demand

Add bookmarks, policies, workflows like cleanup scripts and even VPN configurations to a branded Self Service app portal to give employees instant access to resources they need. Employees can troubleshoot common issues in one click, reducing helpdesk tickets to IT.

Device management

Through remote management and the use of configuration profiles, policies, smart targeting and scripts, you can leverage advanced workflows to automate Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV management. And with a robust API and 300 third-party integrations, Jamf enhances the value of your existing technology stack.

Inventory management

Automatically collect user, hardware, software and security device data or customize inventory specifications so you always have a bird’s eye view of your devices. Leverage automated inventory data and dynamic Smart Groups to trigger actions like operating system upgrades.

Streamlined app management

License, deploy and manage apps in bulk right from the Apple or B2B App Store. Assign apps to users or devices (no Apple ID required) and re-assign licenses as needs change. Build custom and software packages for hundreds of app titles for a single, consistent workflow to maintain the critical apps in their environment.

Threat prevention and remediation

To ensure privacy and speed, receive real-time alerts on-device to analyze activity, then choose whether to proactively block, isolate or remediate threats. Prevent known macOS malware, including those threats and attacks unique to Apple’s architecture.

Security management

Secure devices by leveraging native Apple security features such as enforcing encryption on macOS and iOS and passcodes on iOS, run policies to turn on FileVault for macOS, restrict malicious software and patch all of your Apple devices without any user interaction.

Extended visibility

With dashboards, real-time alerts, and extensive reporting on built-in Apple frameworks like macOS security frameworks XProtect, Gatekeeper and MRT, you’ll be the first to know when suspicious activities occur.

Industry workflows

Just like users, industries also have unique needs. Whether it’s finding tools to enhance student learning or transforming healthcare communications to better engage with patients, Jamf has tailored solutions with workflows to meet your requirements.

Enhance productivity and lower support and operational costs by unlocking the power of Apple and Jamf today.