Supported Versions Policy for Jamf Pro Cloud

1. Purpose

Customer success with Jamf Software depends on staying current by upgrading to new release versions of Jamf Pro in a timely manner. Staying current allows you to take full advantage of the innovations provided by our releases, deploy new features, and achieve the most up-to-date levels of security, availability, and performance.

This policy covers Software that is serviced and supported continuously for Premium Cloud customers. Under this policy, the Software remains in support if the following criteria are met:

  1. Jamf Cloud will support the last 3 minor releases of Jamf Pro. (ie. 10.39.x, 10.38.x, 10.37.x)
  2. Cloud instances must run a supported version of Jamf Pro.
  3. Hot fixes will be applied to all applicable supported versions.

2. Scope

  • Jamf Pro Premium Cloud and Jamf Pro Premium Cloud Plus
  • Jamf Pro Standard Cloud - Jamf will continue to maintain and upgrade these instances on a regular basis following releases in accordance with this policy.

3. Change notification

Jamf may introduce changes and updates for the Software more frequently. As such, customers should be alert for forthcoming modifications to their Software. Customers are encouraged to stay current and watch for new release announcements via Jamf Account and/or Jamf Nation.

4. Required upgrades

If you fall behind with updates and your instance is on an unsupported version, Jamf will make every effort to coordinate a patch window with your team. If coordination is not possible, Jamf will upgrade your instance to the most current supported version and not N-1 or N-2, to assure access to the latest features and the latest security, performance, and availability benefits.