Secure Mac like Windows with conditional access.

And welcome the growing number of Macs in your organization with open arms.

Embrace Mac, but ensure they're managed first.

Mac is no longer living in a Windows world. With choice and bring your own device (BYOD) programs, Mac devices are now commonplace. Employees are demanding them, and as a result, Mac needs to be treated as a “tier one” device. This means the same level of support and security as Windows devices.

In the past, organizations have feared unprotected Mac devices accessing Office 365 and other cloud and on-premises resources. Not anymore.

Introducing the Jamf and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) partnership, which provides an automated compliance management solution for Mac devices accessing applications set up with Azure AD authentication. This collaboration leverages conditional access to ensure that only trusted users, from compliant devices, using approved apps, are accessing company data.

How does conditional access work?

And why it matters.

Together, Jamf and EMS prevent an authorized user from using a personal device, an unmanaged device, or a managed corporate device that is not compliant with security policies and therefore is more vulnerable to security threats. This is accomplished by requiring the user to register devices they want to use to access Office 365 and other applications validated by Azure AD.

Where Mac, Microsoft and Jamf meet.

These simple and automated steps allow organizations to identify unmanaged and non-compliant Mac devices and remediate them.

1. Mac is managed by Jamf Pro

2. Mac is registered with Microsoft Intune

3. Jamf sends macOS device inventory to Microsoft Intune

4. Microsoft Intune evaluates compliance, generates a report, and enforces conditional access via Azure AD

5. Allow access from compliant devices

6. Block access from noncompliant devices, and provide a user-friendly remediation experience powered by Microsoft Intune and Jamf

What makes this process unique from other vendors claiming conditional access is that devices are not required to pass through the proxy. By avoiding the proxy, organizations enjoy a more secured type of protection.

Conditional access for Mac compliance is now available.

Hear Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Microsoft, discuss why conditional access is an enterprise game-changer.

Tell us about your environment and see how this partnership can get you where you want to be.